Sphere of Influence

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What is our Sphere of influence?

Given we are focused on Systems, those in our sphere of influence are those we have sufficient information and visibility of. Another way to say it, is systems in our Sphere of Influence, and so with the exception of the Cosmos and world hunger each of us will have many Systems within our Sphere of Influence, and others will have many in their sphere of influence. It is thus incumbent on all of us to act on and on behalf of the systems we influence.

Influence is not control, although many times it is. Each of us may be in a position to recommend change and even more so when we find opportunities to improve, make more sustainable and efficient systems. Good arguments for change tend to be excepted.

It would be a fair criticism that we can not influence or control large complex social, environmental or financial systems so easily, and that may be true, but there is little doubt that we can influence things in our sphere of influence and how they relate to, respond to and give due regard to social, environmental or financial systems. This is why we refer to these as our "Foundations". We depend upon our foundations to hold us up, to ensure what we build can last and be more be more sustainable. We need to build our foundations well, maintain them, not remove materials and ensure they do not deteriorate.

Many will be familiar with a phrase that recognises how our sphere of influence is the best place to start.

Think Globally, act locally

The Sustainable Concept Model also provides clear indications of how to address our interfaces with other systems. It is this focus that also informs us of "our systems" relationship to even larger systems, and given we control how our system works we have the opportunity to bring parts of external systems into our own, you could call this "In Cycling" (a bit like bringing something "in house").